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Substance abuse and addiction recovery
Addictions and compulsive behaviors


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Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science

Master of Science in Counseling Psychology

Adler University

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Pursuing Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

About Chris

I am a third-year clinical psychology doctoral candidate currently studying at Adler University. I have worked in Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) facilities, as well as community clinics and multi unit private practices. I have predominantly worked with adult clients experiencing a wide variety of mental health struggles, with a particular emphasis on anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. My personal and professional experience has led to a deep passion and drive to continue to work in the field of mental health and do my best to offer assistance and clarity to others as I needed myself in the past. In my free time outside of my clinical responsibilities I enjoy going to the movies, playing video games, going to various sporting events, and taking some down time at home with my pets.

I work well with adults and teens across various stages of their respective mental health journeys. I have interest in continuing to work with adult client populations experiencing moderate to severe anxiety, depression, obsessive and compulsive symptom presentation, as well as continue to work within the scope of my current educational emphasis, substance use.

What I’m like as a therapist:

I seek to foster and develop an open and welcoming environment, one in which I hope the clients that I work with can feel more comfortable in discussing that which they find most difficult at any time. The therapeutic alliance is a priority for me in my work, and I view treatment through a collaborative lens, in which I work with you as a partner in making the therapeutic journey as effective and efficient as possible. By creating a safe space for which individuals can explore their vulnerabilities, it is possible to uncover emotions and experiences that would normally be too difficult to openly discuss. The therapeutic techniques I employ are rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Theory, in that emotions, body sensations, thoughts and behaviors are linked and interconnected, and that by exploring that connection, healing can occur.